Project stages:

Easy to buy

You are going to find out how easy it is to buy apartments at Residence Tyrshova, regardless of where you are from or whether you are an individual or a business buyer.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for your information:

  1. Who we are?
    We are an established Czech realty company with 7-year experience. We run the Residence Tyrshova project and are a direct owner of the property.
  2. Who can buy the property?
    Anyone, including the following:
    1. Czech resident, i. e.
      • citizen of the Czech Republic with permanent national residence;
      • EU citizen with Czech residence permit;
      • foreign citizen with Czech residence permit;
      • foreign citizen officially married to Czech citizen.
    2. Czech registered company based in the Czech Republic;
    3. foreigner, i. e.
      • foreign citizen without Czech residence permit;
      • EU citizen without Czech residence permit;
      • Czech citizen with permanent residence outside the Czech Republic.
    4. company registered and based outside the Czech Republic.
  3. What do you buy?
You buy an apartment in a four-aparment house, with a garage and a parking spot, a basement space, installed equipment and supplied accessories, and shared condominium property, including stair cases, elevator and shaft, hallways, installed mechanical, electric, sanitary equipment, house land property with green spaces and facilities.

    Two houses are completed, have been officially accepted, registered and assigned address. Two more houses are to be completed during the first quarter of 2010.

  4. What is the procedure?

    The procedure is rather simple and includes the following steps:
    1. making, discussing and confirming the apartment choice;
    2. concluding the contract between the buyer and the seller and signing accompanying trilateral warrant document. In the Czech Republic the third party is usually a lawyer, who ensures that the funds are transferred to the buyer only after he or she becomes the property owner;
    3. contractual payment;
    4. official application signed by both the buyer and the seller to register the property ownership;
    5. official transfer of ownership. As a rule, the procedure takes place within 14 business days;
    6. receiving the ownership documents.
  5. What payments are accepted?
Payments can be made in any currency (Czech crown, euro, US dollar, Russian rouble, pound sterling) via bank transfer.